Suggestions for Reporters: July 28, 2022

-A good story would be about why the January 6th Committee has not subpoenaed the two top dogs—Donald Trump and Mike Pence—who have exclusive knowledge about the origins of the January 6th event. They have not indicated any intention to do so as their investigation comes to a close. Why?

-Has anyone really read the $52 billion giveaway legislation to the super-profitable chip companies who abandoned our country years ago and now want to be bribed to come back and start factories? Where are the safeguards in the legislation to prevent corruption, cronyism, job safety and health, and noncompliance with the terms of the grants? Corporations double-cross government frequently. Check out the promises in the synfuels law and more brazenly, the mega-promises to invest repatriated money held overseas in productive activity in return for huge tax breaks. Come on reporters. Dig underneath your official source journalism. This bill has passed the Senate and is about to pass the House and be sent to a pen-wielding Biden. It’s never too late.