Suggestions for Reporters: May 19, 2022

1. A major investigation of the fast-expanding outsourcing by the federal government. Contracting out governmental functions and operations are a gigantic business. Tens of thousands of civil servants are being out-negotiated by corporate attorneys’ time and time again. Thousands more civil servants are supposed to be monitoring the implementation of these contracts. Lots of waste, corruption and harm lie unreported in these massive delegations to private corporations. Check out the percentage of NASA’s budget that is outsourced. With this outsourcing goes a depletion of technical capacity by government agencies (eg. FAA) and a rush to join these contractors who bid away professional experts at federal departments.

2. Corporate welfare outlays are so varied, complex, hidden and devoid of Congressional oversight that there isn’t even a central data base or annual report on these subsidies, giveaways, bailouts and what are known as “tax expenditures.” Hundreds of billions of dollars go on year-after-year without having to demonstrate value, merit or their reason for being. Congressional committees with jurisdiction can be asked why there are so few hearings, so few reports, so few responsibilities exercised for regular oversight. Someone said: “the chaos is even out of control.”

3. We read daily about the unprecedented extremist legislation coming out of Florida, Texas and other Republican dominated state governments. We don’t hear about the opposition in the legislatures so much. Where did these radical extremists who vote in lock-step unanimously come from? How are they elected and re-elected? Is it because the national Democratic Party long ago stopped contending and essentially allowed the entrenchment of one-Party states? Often there are no Dems even on the ballot. Worth an inquiry.