Suggestions for Reporters: November 28, 2023

The most effective citizen movements run by students are the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) with full-time staff and widespread community canvassing. These groups are achieving good results in consumer, environmental and other issues in need of attention. Go to for more details and to see what states these PIRGS are operating in.

Point of personal privilege—I’ve just published a book called The Rebellious CEO: 12 Leaders Who Did It Right. Fascinating, compelling, compassionate and profitable careers that show up the big boy CEOs and their many shortcomings. Available for interviews. 202-387-8030. Go to for more information.

The 7th edition of the print-only 40-page Capitol Hill Citizen is out. You want to see what stories on Congress can be reported when you are not tied into official source journalism? Ask for a copy from Ask also why—with the exception of Politico and The Nation Magazine—media reporters have ignored this rising phoenix in the midst of so many failing newspapers. Curious? Call me at 202-387-8030.