Suggestions for Reporters: April 11, 2023

Where’s the curiosity of corporate philanthropy reporters and scholars?
Giant corporations deep with profits rarely give 1 percent of their
pre-tax income to charity. Federal law allows them to give up to 10% and
still deduct their contributions. I sent a letter, together with an
author of a book on executive compensation Steve Clifford, to Tim Cook a
few days ago indicating that records show Apple to be one of the most
miserly profitable corporations in the country, giving literally 1/10th
of one percent of its pre-tax profits to charity, and outlining that
they compare unfavorably with the top ten corporate charitable givers
(who were not breaking records themselves.) Attached is the letter. If
you wish to speak with me you can reach me at [email protected].

Just imagine if corporations in the top 500 raised their deducible
contributions to say, 3%. How many billions of dollars would go to
educational, charitable and other worthwhile causes whose budgets are
now strained?

Link to letter:

-Looking for deeper analysis as the why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
the Business Roundtable and other supposed sentinels of fiscal integrity
by the Federal Government are not putting heat on the Republican Party
who is extorting/hostage-taking on the matter of the debt limit. What’s
going on here?