Suggestions for Reporters: March 10, 2023

Reporters covering foreign affairs must not neglect the 20th anniversary
of the Bush/Cheney criminal invasion of Iraq. There are good stories,
features and editorials to be written looking back and looking at the
present. See below my letter to New York Times Managing Editor Joseph

March 9, 2023
Dear Mr. Kahn,
The Times has had many luminous chapters in its long history but the
reporting during the lead-up to the criminal, unconstitutional invasion
of Iraq on March 19, 2003, was decisively not one of them. You and the
journalism community know the errors, unchecked sources and the runaway
speculations of Judith Miller, etc.
I’m writing to urge what you may already be planning – major coverage of
the 20th anniversary of the sociocide of Iraq by Bush and Cheney, the
destructions of lives, facilities and essentials of life whose
consequences continue to this day. A few mea culpas to the innocent
Iraqi families in your editorials would be appropriate. A great paper
should not be averse to reviewing its record of failure in this regard.
Ralph Nader